Minutes to Success

One could survey a sample of 100 random people and each would give their own definition of what exactly is success. Some may describe success on a personal level, some may describe success on a professional level, and a few may blend professional and personal. A fundamental similarity that would be found in any definition of success would be the achievement of a goal on some level. So how can you achieve success?

There are many similar characteristics among most successful people. It’s also no secret that many of these common characteristics have been described as “contagious”. For the most part, this helps to explain why once a successful person has met their success in one aspect of life they typically will not have a problem achieving it multiple times over in other areas of life, they have then figured it out. Two of the most vital similarities you are sure to find in successful people will be dedication and determination. Successful people are dedicated to their goals and are determined to achieve them, which ultimately leads to their success in all that they apply those two traits to.

You can find a book or article right now on how to become a millionaire or how to get six-pack abs, but you don’t see many people with either of those. Most people lack the determination and dedication to follow the steps that may be found on how to make a million dollars or get six-pack abs. Sure, the steps to become a millionaire may not be achievable in days, weeks or months, but each minute that goes by is another minute of effort that could be applied toward that goal. Minutes can make a significant difference in the achievement of success, it’s as simple as staying awake those extra 15-20 minutes each night to read pages of that book or waking up 15-20 minutes early to do those ab crunches.

Results will not become immediately evident after a week of reading 15 pages a night or by doing 50 crunches a day. Once you remain determined to seeing the results of your daily effort, you too will likely find your actions contagious. You will begin to wake up motivated to do the crunches while eventually doing more with each day. You will begin to follow the outline found in the book on how to save your million dollars, seeing your savings grow. You will also likely subsequently see these traits carry over to other aspects of your life. All of this because of your compounded minutes of dedication and determination. You have then too figured it out.

Maybe your definition of success is to become a better parent, get that next promotion or losing those extra 50 pounds. Each of those goals can be achieved through your dedication and determination, no one else’s. Allow your minutes of dedication and determination to lead to success


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